Surfskate Fuerteventura, the best good vibes

Our innovative skate park, located in the heart of the La Ola surf camp, is the perfect place to train and compete. Ready to experience the best of surfskate Fuerteventura? We have designed everything so that you can master the waves like a professional, but on land!


From a vision, Surfskate Department was born. 

Wind in your hair, sun on your face, feet firmly on the board searching for balance.

We wanted a place where we could surf every day and keep these feelings alive.
So, we built it!
250 square metres of joyous waves across three levels of difficulty, music pumping in the background music, drinks flowing and all-around good vibes.
The waves are waiting for you…



Want to surf complex waves? Are you interested in preparing your mind and body before entering the water? Or do you simply want to have fun and meet people with the same passion as you?

Whatever your reason, you’re in the right place.

Just pick up your board and start learning to surf today!

Our courses are suitable for surfers of any age and level. Developed by experienced surfers, our courses have been designed to improve motor skills and make surfing an easy sport to learn while beginning the training safely on land. The choice is yours: individual or group lessons lasting 1.5 hours.


Thinking outside the box, tried and tested and very effective. Our training method has been designed to help you train your body and muscle memory for the movements you need on the board, such as your posture, timing skills and extension techniques.

Beginning your training on land ensures you have smashed the desired skills you need when you enter the water to surf safely, confidently and like a pro!

To help you improve, we use an unconventional and very incisive tool: video analysis. The instructor records each of your training sessions to capture each and every move. After the session, you will watch the video together; as the instructor points out possible improvements, you will quickly understand how to adjust your movements to make significant and rapid improvements. It’s an effective and speedy way of learning to surf!

Our surfskate courses are designed to help improve your balance, technique and surfing skills on dry land. Surfskate allows you to train the same movements used in surfing like carving, pumping and snapping.

Our expert instructors will teach you to master the surfskate and transfer those skills to your surfing to improve your style, speed, power and control in the waves. 

Come try a new and fun way of surf training that will make you stand out in the water!

At SURFSKATE DEPARTMENT we have highly qualified instructors with years of experience who will teach you to surf in a safe and fun way. Our classes are personalized and adapted to your level and learning style. 

We guarantee fast progression thanks to our effective methodology, with individualized monitoring. In addition, we are the first surfskate school in Fuerteventura, where you can complement your surf learning with an innovative land training that will improve your board skills. Choose the best school and enjoy learning to surf with us!

Surfskating has multiple benefits, not only for your surfing but also for your fitness and well-being. It is a fun, dynamic workout that improves balance, coordination, agility, reflexes and strength in your legs and core. It allows you to stay in shape and burn calories in a playful way. Mentally, it releases stress and endorphins that will make you feel great. 

And best of all, it prepares you directly to progress faster in surfing, giving you more confidence and control in the water. If you want to empower your surfing and wellbeing, surfskate is the perfect option. Try it!

Our courses include practical sessions guided by expert instructors to teach you the basic and advanced surfskate techniques. We provide all the necessary equipment such as surfskate boards and safety gear. 

We offer courses from beginner to advanced level, for both adults and children. The learning is progressive, fun, and 100% practical. A complete experience that will turn you into a surfskate expert!


Meet our team

Our team of passionate and curious surfskate experimenters have been working together since 2004. We love sharing our knowledge, tips and tricks to engage those who want to approach the sport and raise the level of those who already practice it.


A self-confessed ‘wave addict’ and sea lover. A creative surfer, founder, builder and developer of the Aztec board. You’ll find your wave with him.


He’s always surfing off ahead! A free and hermetic spirit. An hour with him on the waves will open your mind.


A self-confessed ‘wave addict’ and sea lover. A creative surfer, founder, builder and developer of the Aztec board. You’ll find your wave with him.


Always in search of water. She loves surfing, snowboarding and basically any sport with a board! She’s the right teacher if you want to feel your passion!


He’s always surfing off ahead! A free and hermetic spirit. An hour with him on the waves will open your mind.


Custom, Smothstar, Yow, Carver, Outride, Slide, Itboard, Aztec. Your choice.

Whether you plan to surf throughout your whole holiday in Fuerteventura or just for 1 day, we’ll help you travel light!

Here, you can rent a board you like best or simply try them all.


The right board makes all the difference in your skills. Look for concave shape to lock feet, medium flex for control, quality wheels for smooth rolling. Softer wheels for street grip, harder for speed. Choose width and length based on your height and style. With the ideal board you’ll feel it’s part of your body. You’ll ollie higher, flip with ease and shred like a pro.


Alone, with friends or your pupils, you can surf in freedom all day long. Book the waves for yourself, with no interruptions!

Dive into the world of surfskate, where the thrill of surfing meets the agility of skateboarding. Ideal for every surfer looking to enhance their water skills, surfskate offers a unique blend of balance, coordination, and strength training. It’s not just a sport; it’s a fun, engaging way to prepare for the waves, improving your surfing technique on land. Dare yourself!


Find the ideal spot to surf the streets. Master tight turns and feel the freedom of sliding on asphalt like it’s the ocean. Gentle curves give you the thrill of surfing. Wheels roll faster over smooth pavement than sand. Dodge obstacles like a pro and fall with style while learning sick tricks. With space to flow you’ll discover a new way to ride waves…without water. 





Are you on holiday in Fuerteventura and happen to surfskate?

Enjoy your ride and relax! We can help you find accommodation, start surf training, rent a car and much more!

Customise your board
Enjoy the waves!

Surfing is all about adrenaline, skill and speed. To feel the thrill, you need the right board. Want to create your own board?


You need the right board for you; it needs to feel like it’s part of your skin. We stock the latest from the best brands. 


Contact us to start your adventure, whatever it may be. We are here to make surfing even more exciting! 

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